On the 7th of July, 2018, FosterLink proudly presented Fostercare and the Muslim Community in collaboration with Maple Star and the Islamic Society of Markham. Maple Star initiated the seminar with background information on various aspects of becoming a foster parent. The audience was particularly pleased to understand foster care was a more flexible commitment than they anticipated. Fine details such as the option to become a respite foster parent were discussed. A Q&A session followed and any questions audience members had were answered thoroughly. Interestingly, foster care and the Syrian crisis was a reoccurring topic of question from the audience. It was explained that while foster care is occasionally necessary, the priority is to keep families together. The issues Syrian immigrant families face are not often with the family dynamic and therefore, foster care is not the first option for the children of Syrian refugees. Discussions surrounding this topic signified the lack of awareness on the existing foster care crisis in Ontario. This has further motivated the FosterLink team to continue raising awareness on the foster care dilemma.

The next segment of the information session involved Muna Ali, a foster parent and member of the FosterLink team, sharing her own experience with the audience (for an article on her experience, click here). She opened up about the difficulties she faced as a foster parent and how she overcame them. Muna captivated the audience with her heartwarming stories, leaving the audience with a lasting message to take away from the session.

FosterLink looks forward to providing you with more seminars to cater the community’s need to understand foster care. To find out when the next information session will be hosted, subscribe to our newsletter here.